Republic Team,

During the past few months, we have been faced with challenges in our personal lives as well as how we do our jobs. The stress of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed life as we know it. The killing of George Floyd prompted our nation to speak out and protest against racial injustice.  These unsettling times have caused us to come to work with a lot on our minds and many of us feeling anxious, confused and perhaps even angry.

Know that there are people ready to support you when you have a question, problem or concern. Republic’s culture of respect, inclusion and openness has created a safe space for us to have difficult discussions and for you to be heard.

SPEAK UP, BE HEARD, YOU MATTER is a message that I’ve been spreading for some time now - hopefully you’ve seen me hanging around your location’s bulletin board on our Speak Up poster.  And, it is important to keep reinforcing this message as part of our ongoing commitment to an open and inclusive workplace.

Speak Up if you experience or witness what might be racial bias or mistreatment – no matter what the issue or uncertainty, say something. When you raise concerns, you help the Company handle issues promptly and remedy situations that may have already occurred. Your actions support our zero tolerance for racism, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Consider your local management team as your first point of contact to raise concerns. You also have the option to reach out to Human Resources, Legal and Ethics & Compliance.

The confidential AWARE Line also is available anytime for you to ask questions or raise concerns when you are reluctant to speak directly with a Company representative or prefer to remain anonymous. You can call at 1-866-3-AWARE-4 or go online at AWARELine.RepublicServices.com. 

No matter how you choose to Speak Up, you can do so without the fear of retaliation and with the confidence that you will be heard and that your voice matters.

Feel free to reach out to me at AskEthicalEthel@RepublicServices.com.

Thank you!