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Everyday Ethics: Conflicts of Interest

This month we are focusing on our Conflicts of Interest Policy – we are trusted to always act in the Company’s best interest and avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest. Employees are required to immediately and fully disclose activity, situations, or relationships that conflict or appear to conflict with the interests of the Company.

Managers also have a responsibility to disclose conflicts of interest on behalf of their employees as soon as they become apparent. Conflicts of interest should be disclosed to the Ethics & Compliance team.

In most conflict-of-interest scenarios, we can work with employees to put guardrails in place to mitigate any risks to the Company. We count on our employees to be transparent and honest with us and to disclose any real or potential conflicts of interest so that we can work together for the right outcome.

Remember, when interests and relationships outside of work conflict or appear to conflict with our Republic responsibilities, we are required to report it promptly and appropriately. Please make sure you are familiar with our Conflicts of Interest Policy and Procedures, located on Inside Republic Services on SharePoint or reach out to your HR partner or manager for a copy. If you’re not sure if you need to disclose a potential conflict of interest, please email


Want to learn more or have questions? Review our Business Code of Ethics and Conduct, or reach out to

We love to hear about employees who made the right choice when faced with an ethical dilemma, you can email your story to and it may be featured in a future communication.