Recipes for Healthy Meals at Home

As part of this month’s healthy eating habits series, our partners at Optum are sharing great ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Check out the resources below for tons of recipes for the whole family, including:

Want to save money while eating health? Here are a few tips:

  1. Plan ahead: Plan your weekly meals and prepare a shopping list. Buy foods that will create balanced and nutritious meals consistent with
  2. Get to know your grocery store: This can help you avoid shopping aimlessly and ending up with unnecessary products in your cart.
  3. Take advantage of coupons and loyalty cards: Use coupons wisely — a brand name item with a coupon could still be more expensive than a generic version without one.
  4. Consider store brands
  5. Buy in bulk
  6. Eat before you shop
  7. Prep, cook and freeze: Prepare and cook your meals in large batches. Pre-portion them into separate storage bags or containers, then label the items and place them in the freezer to reheat when needed.
  8. Choose in-season produce: If this isn’t an option, try frozen fruits and vegetables (without added salt or sugar).
  9. Shop around: Check out local ethnic markets, dollar stores and wholesale clubs for variety and to get the best deals.