A Roadmap for Healthy Shopping

This month, our partners at Optum are providing tips and resources for healthy eating. Having your grocery shopping list ready and knowing how to navigate the supermarket are key components to creating and maintaining healthy eating habits. Here are a few tips to make the most of your next grocery shopping trip:

  • Plan as many meals and snacks as possible ahead of time, then compile a shopping list. This saves time, reduces impulse buys and helps to ensure that you’ll have healthy food at home.
  • Start by shopping the perimeter of the grocery store, where you’ll usually find fresh foods.
  • In the center aisles, look for whole grains, canned and dry beans, frozen fruits and vegetables, unsweetened dried fruit, nuts and nut butters, seeds, herbs and spices.
  • Skip the center aisles with soda and sugary drinks; instead, choose regular or sparkling water. Squeeze a lemon or add lime juice or fruit wedges to water for flavor.
  • Skip the aisles with chips and cookies; healthier snack options include unsalted nuts, low-fat yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, fresh fruit, plain popcorn, raw veggies with hummus and low- fat cheese with 100% whole-grain crackers.

Click here for more healthy options to add to your shopping list.