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Sustainability Resolution Contest Winners!

We asked our readers to share goals for living our promise of Sustainability in Action in 2024. Our readers are amazing and we received dozens of testimonials on how you are turning sustainability into a new habit this year. From switching to metal straws, exploring public transportation options, composting, and challenging yourself to go a full year without using a disposable water bottle, your resolutions truly show how employees embody our value of being Environmentally Responsible.

Ten winners were selected and will receive a reusable water bottle made of sustainable materials and a portable cooler bag to make packing lunches-on-the-go eco-friendly.

Congratulations Winners!

Name Location Resolution
Alyson T., Administrative Assistant – Area Houston, TX We are eliminating paper cups throughout the Area office. We placed an order of wheat straw cups from the Company Store to replace the single-use cups.
Laurie F., Customer Data Manager Phoenix, AZ Take all my food scraps to a local ranch for the animals. It keeps organics out of my waste streams and the chickens, cows and goats get some extra goodies!
Rebecca S., Operations Clerk Scottdale, PA Give up smoking cigarettes! Not just good for my health but for the environment. No more toxic smoke in the air or littering cigarette waste.
Ciara M., Assistant Division Controller – Polymer Center Las Vegas, NV Reduce the amount of food waste by making more intentional purchases and remembering to grab the reusable bags before going to the store!
Debora G., Municipal Administrator Delano, MN Giving items one more life by upcycling! I made a lap blanket from a friend’s old sweatshirts that were not suitable for donation, as they had stains and rips.
Sarah P., Data Scientist Phoenix, AZ Buy food with less plastic packaging.
Chizelle G., Telecommunications Analyst AZ – Remote Set up my composting to use in my garden.
Danielle S., Customer Support Specialist III – ES Livonia, MI Use less plastic and when using plastic, make sure it’s properly reused or recycled. Also visit local markets to support the local economy and eat more fresh, organic veggies.
Renea A., Logistics Analyst Church Hill, TN Switch my lightbulbs to energy-efficient LED. Get more solar-powered lights for my house and grow my own garden.
Kacee C., Technical Service Specialist I – ES Boise, ID No longer use disposable paper towels in the house.

With all these great ideas, we hope you’re inspired to make 2024 your most sustainable year yet!