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Everyday Ethics For Our Customers: Customer Zeal

On this third day of Ethics Week, we are focusing on the everyday ethical decisions we make for our customers. Our value “Committed to Serve” means we go above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations. We do this by demonstrating Customer Zeal in everything we do.

Our customers expect an exceptional customer experience, and our values require us to deliver these results for our customers in the right way. But what do we do if a customer asks us to do something that doesn’t align with our values? Think about this scenario:

A customer was frustrated with where their container had been placed and asked our driver to move it. The location the customer wanted the container was not safe because of overhead power lines. Our driver met with the customer to hear their concerns and explain the reason we couldn’t accommodate their requested location. Once the driver understood the customer’s needs, she was able to help find a safe spot to place the container. The driver not only made the right choice but made the customer happy by meeting their needs. This is a great example of how our employees demonstrate Everyday Ethics for our Customers.

For more, check out our panel discussion, “Everyday Ethics for our Customers,” on the Ethics & Compliance SharePoint site to hear directly from employees on how they make everyday ethical decisions to live our values for our customers.

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