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CEO Jon Vander Ark Kicks Off Ethics Week

We’re excited to kick off our third annual Ethics Week! This year, the theme is “Everyday Ethics” – highlighting the everyday ethical decisions that we make for our stakeholders – which include our people, our customers, our communities, and our environment.

When practicing Everyday Ethics, we must keep our values – Safe, Committed to Serve, Environmentally Responsible, Driven, and Human-Centered – at the core of our decision-making and our culture. Every employee is expected to perform their job responsibly and ethically by putting our values into action.

The goal of Ethics Week is to ensure that every employee gains a better understanding of the everyday ethical decisions they make and the critical role our values play in our Company’s success. We’ll be sharing stories to help illustrate Everyday Ethics in action and providing opportunities to participate in the week’s activities.

So please check the Blue Nation Online home page every day for new stories, trivia, videos and more! And thank you for your ongoing commitment to living our values. Each time you make the right choice, you contribute to our highly ethical and compliant culture here at Republic Services.

Watch a message from President and CEO Jon Vander Ark to kick off Ethics Week 2023!

We love hearing from you!

Please take a few minutes to complete the Ethical Culture Survey. The survey is confidential and only takes a few moments to complete. All you need to get started is your Employee ID number. Find your number in Workday by clicking the Profile icon in the top-right and then selecting View Profile. Your Employee ID is under Job Details in the top-right.

Ethics Week Trivia and Prizes!

Answer the daily trivia question for a chance to win a $100 gift card to the Company Store. Winners will be announced the week of June 12.