Your Voice Matters

Today’s focus for Ethics Awareness Week is “Your Voice Matters.”  I encourage you to read the Q&A with Sumona De Graaf, our Chief Human Resources Officer, as she provides insight into our Speak Up culture and our “Be Heard, You Matter” commitment.

SPEAK UP, BE HEARD, YOU MATTER is a message that I also have been spreading for some time now – hopefully you’ve seen me hanging around your location’s bulletin board on our Speak Up poster. This is part of our ongoing commitment to an ethical, respectful and inclusive workplace, where open communication is encouraged, and every employee’s voice is heard.

It is important that all employees are comfortable in expressing their ideas and viewpoints and reporting concerns, especially those related to ethics and compliance issues or misconduct. You should know that your concerns will be handled promptly and appropriately.

Your ongoing participation in our Employee Experience Survey is an example of how you can voice your opinions and concerns. The Company values your feedback and takes actions based on your responses. However, the Employee Experience Survey is not your only opportunity to be heard.

There are a number of ways that you can seek guidance or make a report. Consider your local management team as your first point of contact to ask questions or raise concerns. You can also reach out to Human Resources, Legal, and the Ethics & Compliance team at

The confidential AWARE Line is also available anytime for you to raise concerns when you are reluctant to speak directly with a Company representative or if you prefer to remain anonymous. You can call at 1-866-3-AWARE-4 or go online at

No matter how you choose to Speak Up, you can do so without the fear of retaliation and with the confidence that you will be heard and that your voice matters.

And leaders, recognize that employees have options for reporting concerns. They come to you because they are comfortable talking to you or because they feel you are in the best position to understand and resolve problems. Make certain that your words and actions send the message that you are available and approachable.

All employees also have the option to reach out to me with any ethics-related questions or concerns at


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