Your Ethics & Compliance Team

Hello Team:

I hope you’ve seen that the theme of Ethics Awareness Week is “We’re All In This Together.”  This means that we all have a personal responsibility to perform our jobs ethically and legally. To do this, you must understand the requirements of your role and the Republic policies that apply to your job and decision making.

You don’t have to do this alone - the Ethics & Compliance team is here to support you as you do your part to maintain our highly ethical and compliant culture. We can help you access resources and policies, and we can provide you guidance if you ever need help making the right choice or determining your course of action. Our team gets a lot of questions, and we’ve selected just a few that you may find helpful.

Q: Where can I find guidance on Republic’s values and expectations for employee conduct?

A: Our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (the “Code”) is your go-to guide for doing your job ethically. It outlines Republic’s values and clearly establishes our expectations for employee conduct. As part of today’s Ethics Awareness Week activities, take time to view the “Ethics Matter” video that discusses the Code and the importance of acting ethically and responsibly.

Q: What if I’m faced with an ethical problem but the Code doesn’t cover my specific situation?

A: The Code does not cover every ethical question or specific situation, but it does provide a basic guide to understanding the Company’s expectations.  As an additional resource, all employees can rely on their Ethical Decision-Making Wallet Card. This card provides a set of simple questions you can ask yourself as you’re making difficult decisions. If you still need further guidance, that’s okay!  You can always reach out to the Ethics &  Compliance team for assistance at

Q: How can I access the policies and procedures that apply to my job?

A:  The best place to start is with your manager or HR partner. You can also access all of our policies and procedures through the Policies and Procedures Manual (commonly referred to as the “PPM”) through the PPM SharePoint site. In addition, it is critical that you complete all assigned trainings on time, as these will help you understand our policies and Republic’s expectations for behavior and conduct.

Q:  Who is on the Ethics & Compliance team?  How do I know the right person to contact?

A: The Ethics & Compliance team oversees a variety of ethics and compliance responsibilities. In addition to our core ethics and compliance oversight, we handle data privacy compliance, affirmative action and immigration compliance, PAC compliance, and records and information management, just to name a few.  You can find an overview of our team here. If you don’t know who to contact, email

Q: What do I do if I have a concern about the conduct of my manager or a co-worker?

A: If you have a question, concern or suspect illegal or unethical behavior, you are encouraged to immediately speak up and report it so that appropriate actions can be taken. You can raise your concerns directly to your supervisor if appropriate, or any other member of management. You may also contact Human Resources, Legal, or the Ethics & Compliance team. Another option is our confidential AWARE Line, which offers a convenient, anonymous way to raise concerns.  If you’re curious about what happens when you call the AWARE Line, you can find more information here. And know that no matter how you choose to report a concern, you can do so without any fear of retaliation.

Remember, we’re all in this together! We each play a role in supporting our strong culture of ethics and compliance. Take advantage of the resources provided to you by the Company, and never hesitate to reach out to the Ethics & Compliance team with any questions or concerns.

I am a proud member of the Ethics & Compliance team, and you also can reach out to me directly with any ethics-related issues at

Thank you for doing your part!

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