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Women’s History Month, Week 3: Mentorship

To continue our celebration of Women’s History Month, this week’s video features four accomplished employees – from Heavy Equipment Operators to an Operations Clerk, Fleet Maintenance Manager and an Area Director, Finance! Our moderator is Katrina Liddell, EVP, Chief Commercial Officer.

This week, we are talking about mentors. Many of us listening today would not be here without the help and support of someone in our life.  On the other hand, sometimes it is challenging to find a mentor or get the courage to ask someone to be your mentor. Katrina moderates as the next group of talented women share who and how they found their mentor.

Gerri H., Fleet Maintenance Manager, Columbus, OH, 6 years at Republic

Career Path: Dispatcher- Maintenance Clerk, Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, Fleet Maintenance Manager

“My favorite woman in history is the author Jane Austen. She pursued writing and being published in a time when that was considered to be unconventional. She wrote about women like herself: smart and independent with a desire to make their own way.


Joan H., Landfill Heavy Equip Operator, Beaumont, TX, 4 years at Republic

Career Path: Temp Laborer, Helper, Heavy Equipment Operator

“Jasmine Camacho is my favorite female figure in history. She ran the 100 meter representing Puerto Rico and won the gold medal.”


Johana P., Operations Clerk, Houston, TX, 2 years at Republic

Career Path: Dispatch Operator, Operations Clerk

“My favorite woman in history is my mother. She has always pushed me to work hard and to never give up and have faith that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.


Jeannette R., Landfill Heavy Equip Operator, Charlotte, NC, 10 years at Republic

Career Path: Temp Laborer, Helper, Heavy Equipment Operator

“My Friend Debra is not a woman of history, but she is a kind, loving, loyal and caring friend. She is the kind of woman that would do anything or anyone. She works hard and has faith in everything she does.”  


Kimberly M., Area Director, Finance, Walnut Creek, CA, 7 years with Republic

Career Path: Assistant Controller, Division Controller (Now BU Finance Manager), Area Manager, Finance, Area Director, Finance

“I would have to say, Rosa Parks is my favorite woman in history. As long as I can remember, she was a historical figure that I deeply admired and respected. She stood her ground and fought for what was right, which is something I try to emulate in life as well.”