Winter Safety: Walk Like a Penguin

As many of us around the country are in for a long winter of snow, ice and cold temps, Republic’s goal is to help everyone stay safe. Walking in winter conditions requires special attention to avoid slipping and falling. It’s important for everyone to be constantly aware of the dangers of walking on ice.

Thanks to General Manager Jeff S. in Cincinnati, OH, for showing us that one of the best ways to stop slips, trips and falls is to walk like a penguin.

  • Bend your back slightly and point your feet out – this increases your center of gravity.
  • Stay flat-footed and take small steps or even shuffle for more stability.
  • Keep your arms out to your sides to help balance.

Additional Winter Safety Tips:

  • Wear boots or other slip-resistant footwear with good rubber treads.
  • Watch the pathway, and if unsure, explore the area with your toe to see how slippery it is before you put your full weight on the area.
  • Use caution getting in and out of your vehicle.
  • Pay attention to where you are walking and avoid being distracted.
  • Watch your step and go slowly!