Whiteboard App – A Canvas for Collaboration

Good news for all of us looking for a better way to share our ideas and collaborate in real-time from wherever we are. Draw, sketch, add an image or a note – welcome to a new way to whiteboard!

Microsoft Whiteboard (a digital whiteboard software) is now available to Republic Services employees on Windows 10. For easy, step-by-step instructions on how to download the app through the MS Store, click here.

There’s a lot you can do with the app. For example, Microsoft Whiteboard helps add variety to meetings for when scenarios such as diagramming, expressing ideas, capturing agenda items are needed.

Here are a few favorite MS Whiteboard tips:

Share and Save your Whiteboard:
It’s fun to use Whiteboard on Windows 10 on your own as a place to take notes or gather thoughts, but why not try sharing the moment? In Whiteboard in Windows 10, you can invite your colleagues to ink alongside you. To do this, click the blue icon next to your profile photo. Then, toggle the switch for web sharing. You should then see the link appear on your screen, and you can copy and share this to have others join you.

Convert Your Writing to Legible Text:
Writing something down on your Whiteboard but your coworkers are having some trouble understanding you because you have messy handwriting? Well, Whiteboard has you covered. You can convert your writing into text. To do this, click the Lasso Select tool in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Then, draw a box around the text you wrote by hand and choose the first icon on the pop-up menu that appears. It’ll say Ink Beautification. Once you click it, your writing will be turned into text. Your handwriting will never look better!

Convert your Hand-Drawn Shapes and Tables to Digital Ones:
Now that you know how to convert your handwriting into more legible text, you can also do the same for shapes, and tables, too. To do this, click the hamburger menu to the right of the screen, and then choose Ink to shape and Ink to table. Once this setting is activated, you can hand draw a shape, and it’ll automatically switch over to a cleaner more symmetrical version.

To a deeper dive into how to use Microsoft Whiteboard, check out this great Job Aid.