What Makes This Roll-off Team Stand Out?

Back row (l to r): Jeff F., Jason T., David D., Andres D., Nat Y., Calbert W., and Geoffrey F.; Front row: Alex H., Sylvester B., Nick K.

In Yorktown, Virginia, the roll-off team has a lot to celebrate! Here’s a look at the team, by the numbers:

211 Years of Service

The team of 10 has a combined total of 211 years of service! Additionally, six of the 10 team members have been with the Company for 20 years or more! Congratulations to the following employees – we thank you for your hard work and dedication:

Sylvester B., 33 years

David D., 32 years

Andres D., 27 years

Jason T., 26 years

Nat Y., 30 years

Geoffrey F., 20 years

11,832 Containers

Not only does this team have an extraordinary number of years of service to celebrate, they also put in a lot of miles last year. Together, the team drove 346,512 miles and hauled 11,832 containers.

Perfect Safety Record

And most important, this amazing team had a perfect safety record with no accidents or injuries for the second year in a row!

“It is my privilege to be the supervisor of such a great group of people. This team has not only dealt with day-to-day obstacles to return home safely every day, but they have also supported each other through enormous personal battles,” said Nicole F., Operations Supervisor. “As a team, they stand strong, willing to do anything that is needed for each other, for our customers, and for Republic Services. It is my honor to be their supervisor and to call them my team and to be a part of the work family that we are.”