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Halloween Fun 2023

A big thank you to Erin E., Data Specialist II, for sharing this ADORABLE photo of her cousin’s son, Wesley, dressed up for Halloween. “He is obsessed with the Republic Service trash truck and wanted to be a garbage man for Halloween. His mom made him his very own truck and trash container.” We hope he filled his container up to the top with candy!

Pity the Fool in Momence, IL – Driver Romel H. dressed up as Mr. T to make kids on his route smile on Halloween!

This young man looks like a driver in the making. He made sure to let us know that the candy goes in the front!

Lead Scale Operator Angela is a customer service superhero in Ferndale, WA.

A spirited team of scale operators at the Arlington landfill and the South East landfill in Ft Worth, TX.

Thank you to Account Manager Jessica H. for sharing this photo of her son, who wanted to be a trash man this year for Halloween, alongside her daughter – so cute!

Photos above include:

Halloween fun at the Sacramento Children’s Museum, located in Rancho Cordova, CA. Republic’s touch-a-truck was a hit!

Republic Services participated in a Halloween parade and harvest festival earlier this month in Citrus Heights, CA.

A Trunk or Treat in Rancho Cordova, CA. This event was in partnership with the Rancho Cordova Youth Center and the Rancho Cordova Police Activities League.