Warning – Adorable Republic Children Ahead

Twin boys Porter & Truman were born on October 13, 2020. Congratulations to proud parents Account Executive Tyler R. and his wife, Jennifer, in Kansas City, MO. (A big thank you to Sales Manager Jeff S. for surprising Tyler with these Republic onesies – what a great way to welcome these cuties to the Republic family!) Thank you to Alba W., Southwest Area Administrative Assistant for sharing this adorable photo of her 11-month-old granddaughter Elliana Grace (Ellie). Republic Services runs in the family! Not only does Ellie’s grandmother work at Republic, so does her father Marco A. who just joined our Driver Training Program in South Phoenix, and her uncle Cody V., who is a new Residential Driver in South Phoenix.

We also want to say hi to these happy children who love Republic Services! Their proud father is Division Manager Martin G. in Indianapolis, IN. Too cute! And we can’t get enough of 3-year-old Kace, who is very excited to look a part of the team. Thank you to Kace’s father, Neil C., Fleet Maintenance Manager in Beaumont, TX, for sending us this ADORABLE photo!