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Valentine, I Love It When You Recycle!

Make this Valentine’s Day sweet for the ones you love and the environment by following these simple recycling tips:

Cards. When it comes to recycling cards, remember – the fancier the card, the less recyclable it is. Plain paper greeting cards without metallic print or embellishments are perfectly recyclable. Cards that sing are cute, but they’re not recyclable because they contain tiny batteries that can combust when compressed in the back of a collection truck or by the equipment at a recycling center. Treat these types of cards like e-waste and dispose of them safely. Visit for more information about battery recycling.

Flowers. Once your flowers have lost their bloom, they go in your compost bin or trash.

Heart-shaped box of candy. Mostly everything about a box of Valentine’s candy is not recyclable. Both the candy wrappers and the box (if it’s embellished or contains chocolate residue) belong in the trash.

Special delivery. If you receive a package in the mail, remember that the cardboard box is recyclable but not the bubble wrap, Styrofoam or shrink wrap. Reusing these materials is the best bet. You can save them for other packages or drop them off at your local shipping store to see if they need them. If not, then place them in your trash bin.


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