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Understanding Republic Services’ Structure

As we continue to grow our business and enhance the Republic Services brand, we must ensure that we each have a general understanding of our organization’s structure so that we can protect our business and provide accurate information to our customers, business partners, the public and other stakeholders. The following is key information everyone must know and understand:

    1. Republic Services, Inc. is a publicly traded holding company whose various operating subsidiaries provide environmental services across the country under the Republic Services brand. Republic Services, Inc. does not provide these services.
    2. If you report into a BU, an Area, or a CRC, you are an employee of an operating subsidiary and are not an employee of Republic Services, Inc. You must not represent that you are an employee of Republic Services, Inc.  Please check with your HR manager if you are unsure of which subsidiary is your employer.
    3. If you are a Republic headquarters employee, your employer likely is Republic Services, Inc. However, generally, you should use “Republic Services” to describe your employment/employer.
    4. It is appropriate for all employees to say that we work for “Republic Services.” This includes in email communications, email signature blocks, presentations, or any other communication.
    5. Except in extremely rare circumstances, and unless you receive approval from the Legal Department, Republic Services, Inc. should never be listed as a party to any customer service agreement, vendor agreement, or other contract.
    6. Only certain officers of Republic Services, Inc. are authorized to sign contracts or other legal documents on behalf of Republic Services, Inc. No one else is authorized to sign any document that purports to be on behalf of Republic Services, Inc., unless they have received prior approval from the Legal Department.  Even if you are authorized to approve a contract on behalf of Republic Services, Inc., you are not allowed to sign a contract on behalf of Republic Services, Inc. unless you are a specified officer.

Thank you for your continued efforts to grow and protect the Republic Services organization.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Lawrence Morgan in the Legal Department.