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Two-Time Winner Jesus L. Ready to Compete in ROAD-EO National Championship!

Rear-Load Driver Jesus L. from Gardena, CA, is on his way to compete in his third ROAD-EO National Championship on February 21, 2023! He’s the only Finalist competing with two first-place wins under his belt (2019 and 2021). We had a chance to sit down with Jesus prior to the competition to ask him a few questions about what it’s like to be the defending champion and his advice for Finalists. We conducted the interview in English and Spanish – watch the videos below!



A big thank you to Jesus! We look forward to seeing you and all of the Finalists at the ROAD-EO National Championship!

Teammates, friends and family back home can follow the 2023 ROAD-EO National Championship at and Republic’s social channels, like Facebook and Instagram using #RSROADEO23.