Tune into New Podcast Focusing on Disability Awareness

National Disability Employment Awareness Month was held in October. We celebrate the many and varied contributions of America’s employees with disabilities while drawing attention to the barriers they still face with integration and acceptance in the workforce. Disabilities spread across all genders, races, ethnicities and economic backgrounds. At Republic Services, we will continue to build and foster an inclusive workplace where we accept and embrace differences of experiences and abilities.

In recognition of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we invite you to tune in for our first podcast episode focused on disability awareness featuring subject matter expert, Amanda Burris. Amanda shares her personal story of being a person living with disabilities and why she’s made it her mission to be an advocate for shifting the narrative for this community.

Podcast Episode 1: Guest Amanda Burris on Disability Awareness (23 min.)

You may listen to the podcast from Blue Nation Online or download the episode and listen through the podcast streaming service of your choice.

We would love to hear feedback on what you thought of the episode. Feel free to email the Inclusion and Diversity team at inclusionanddiversity@republicservices.com.