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Triple Puppy Rescue in Wellington, CO (Video!)

Rear Load Driver Scott O. was on route when he came across a small puppy’s head sticking out from underneath a garbage dumpster he was about to service. Much to his surprise, he found three puppies that had been abandoned and set out near the dumpster in a cardboard box. The frisky pup had managed to find a way out and all three were huddled under the dumpster for warmth and shelter. After 15-minutes of coaxing, they scurried out into his arms.

“I’ve been a driver for Republic Services for two years. I was just doing the right thing. I would like to think anyone in this position would have done the same,” said Scott.

Video Credit: Cindy Leikam

A Happy Ending

Scott called his wife Cindy who met him and transported the puppies to their home where the couple cared for them while contacting local shelters. The puppies are currently available for adoption at the
Animal Friends Alliance in Fort Collins.

“From everyone here at Republic Services, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our driver for saving these puppies. On behalf of our local business unit, we made a $500 donation to Animal Friends Alliance in Scott’s honor,” said Tom M., General Manager