Top Techs Do These 4 Things Every Day

At Republic, ensuring our fleet is Route Ready every day doesn’t just happen. It takes a solid team of skilled and experienced technicians to keep our trucks and heavy equipment operating at their peak. Our customers rely on us to provide seamless service, and that is dependent on a reliable fleet. We count on our techs to make sure our vehicles measure up to the job every day.

But, what does a good technician do every day to make this happen? Here are 4 things top techs do every day to keep our fleet at a Route Ready standard.

  1. Prepare for the day. Once they receive work orders from their supervisor, top techs know their bay needs to be ready for them to work safely. Keeping their bay clean and clutter-free is essential and ensuring the tools they need to do the job are out and ready is a vital part of the process.
  2. Assess and diagnose. Top techs use their skills and experience to diagnose the problem and determine the best repair option. If they need additional information, they know that talking to the driver can provide some of the best clarity and insight into what’s happening with the equipment.
  3. Repair and test. Once a course of action to fix an issue has been determined, top techs not only make the necessary repair, but go a step further to test the equipment. Testing helps ensure the issue is fixed and the equipment is Route Ready.
  4. Document and clean up. Once the issue is fixed, top techs document the repairs made. They know that clearly documenting the repair is an important step in creating a history for the vehicle and for tracking any warranty issues. Additionally, they know that cleaning their bay at the end of the day is an important part of their preparation for the next shift.

Fleet maintenance is a cornerstone of our business and when it comes to maintaining one of the largest fleets in the country, we appreciate the value our techs bring to the job. That’s why we celebrate Maintenance Awareness Month, February 3 – 28. Stay tuned to Blue Nation Online all month for stories about the amazing work our techs do every day!

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