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Tips To Keep Ethics at the Center of Everything You Do

Last month we held our third annual Ethics Week. We hope you gained a better understanding of “Everyday Ethics” and how each of us has a responsibility to make the right choice every day, in every situation.  Our highly ethical and compliant culture relies on every employee to keep our values at the center of everything we do. Here are some tips to help you keep ethics and compliance at the center of everything you do:

  • Review our Code and when in doubt, ask for help.
  • Make the right choice, every time.
  • Be inclusive and respectful – take ownership of your words and actions.
  • Speak up if you observe misconduct or if something doesn’t feel right. We do not tolerate retaliation, so you will not be subjected to any negative consequence for reporting a concern.
  • Complete all required Ethics & Compliance training on time.

We love to hear about employees who made the right choice when faced with an ethical dilemma! You can email your story to and it may be featured in a future communication.