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Thoughtful Act of Kindness Brightens Nick’s Day in Murphy, TX

If you need to see just how great our frontline employees are, look no further than Driver Sam and Helper Ronn. Every week, they go out of their way to say hi to a young boy named Nick, who loves garbage trucks. They give him a high-five and sometimes they even let him sit inside the cab.

“Mr. Sam and Mr. Ronn are doing a great job and take their job seriously. They are such hard workers and are willing to spend a few extra minutes interacting with my children. They always have a smile even while working on 100-degree days. My youngest son, Nick, loves garbage trucks. Every Friday (trash day for us), he waits anxiously for the garbage truck to show up, and dashes outside when it does.  What makes him love waiting every week even more? The kind people who drive the truck. They make Nick feel really special and he always looks forward to Friday. One week, when Nick wasn’t outside, they even honked to tell him they were here.  We greatly appreciate all Mr. Sam & Mr. Ronn do for us!  Please pass along our gratitude,” said Nick’s mom in a letter to Republic Services.

Hats off to Sam and Ronn for going above and beyond and being role models in your community!

This is what Customer Zeal looks like.