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The Tech Institute: Training at the Next Level

At Republic Services, we understand the importance of training in creating a robust talent pipeline. We aim to provide our employees with opportunities to grow within their roles. To achieve this, we have developed various training programs, including the Tech Institute.

The Tech Institute in Dallas provides a tuition-free educational experience that prepares individuals and employees to become certified fleet maintenance technicians or advance to more specialized technician roles. The program offers a range of training programs to bring new talent into the organization and continue their development throughout their career. Training includes a two-year apprenticeship for new talent development, a three-week C-Technician onboarding program, and four-day continuous development courses to help technicians transition from C to B to A levels.

Our apprenticeship program has introduced 188 new hires into our organization since opening, and our C-technician program has trained 35 technicians so far. Our continued development training program has provided training this year to 348 technicians, with 51 seats available for the upcoming training in Q4 and another 300+ in 2024.

Miquel R, a tech from Arizona who completed the apprenticeship program, continuous development training, AND our heavy equipment program, shared, “Our company prepares us to succeed workwise and in life.” At Republic Services, we are committed to making industry-leading changes and supporting our employees’ career journey.

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