The Importance of Pride Month to Our Employees: Part III

An LGBTQ+ ally is someone accepting and supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and who understands the importance of and advocates for equality, mutual respect and fair treatment. Whether they have a close friend or family member who identifies as LGBTQ+ or don’t know anyone personally, allies are some of the most effective and powerful voices of the movement.

As we wrap up our Pride Month celebration, we’re sharing the perspective of Cecilia “Cece” M. on being an LGBTQ+ ally. Read on to see what she had to say.

Cecilia “Cece” M., Learning & Development Solutions Manager

Cece loves spending time with her three daughters and her husband. In her free time, she also enjoys woodworking projects like building shelves and tables. She was inspired to become an LGBTQ+ ally by her younger brother, Mario.

Mario came out when he was 18-years old. Coming from a conservative, Catholic family, this took courage to tell my parents, and they were very supportive. Our parents told Mario that our love for him didn’t change, but I think it did. We loved him even more. We need to show more love, compassion and attention to those who are vulnerable and need our support.

To me, an ally is someone who is by your side and accepting of who you are. It is also someone who advocates for equal rights and stands up for what’s right and leaves a positive impact. Any movement for equal rights cannot prosper without allies. Allies can play different roles, from activism to monetary donations to supporting organizations devoted to the cause. As an ally, I try to build an inclusive and safe environment.

Pride Month to me means love. Love is love. It’s about equal rights for our friends, family, neighbors and strangers alike, to love and be who they want to be.