Teaching Kids to be A+ Recyclers

As America Recycles Day approaches (November 15), it’s important to teach our kids, the recyclers of the future, how and what to recycle. Teaching kids now will help them learn to be great recyclers. At Republic, we’ve created recycling education materials to help teachers and parents.

Republic’s Recycling Simplified Education Program, designed with teachers for teachers, aligns with individual grade-level curriculum standards in multiple disciplines such as science and STEM, English, language arts and literacy, math and social studies. The curriculum contains step-by-step lesson plans for pre-kindergarten through 12th grades with supporting teaching materials, including classroom activities, videos, handouts, virtual field trips and completion certificates.

Our special ‘At-Home Learning’ resource for parents make it fun and easy to teach kids how to recycle. Recycling Simplified At-Home Learning is a free online resource featuring engaging videos and activities about recycling designed to assist families in keeping learning going while children are taking classes at home. The program is family-friendly, and no teaching experience is required and includes videos and fun activities that will keep your child or teen engaged, as well as “learning together” activities that family members can do with children ages 3 to 10.

Our educational resources help provide students with a greater awareness of the environmental, sustainability and societal issues related to recycling and the conservation and reuse of natural resources.

America Recycles Day Contest, Prizes!

We have a fun contest for you to celebrate America Recycles Day. Three winners will receive a Republic Services Carhartt hoodie – just in time for winter! Follow the directions below to enter.

  1. Make a Fall/Thanksgiving themed craft out of something recyclable.
  2. Send us a photo at BlueNation@RepublicServices.com.
  3. Go for extra credit by taking a virtual field trip on com and tell us what you learned. Make sure to invite your family!

Contest ends Wednesday, November 18. We’ll announce winners on Friday, November 20.