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Tax-Related Phishing

Tax season is upon us once again and unfortunately this means more scrutiny is needed over your personal and work emails to ensure you do not fall prey to phishing attacks. It is not unusual for cybercriminals to impersonate government entities, including tax authorities like the IRS. Be cautious of emails that claim your action is needed to download and review a tax form. These emails often contain malicious software that give cybercriminals access to and control over your device. Apply what you’ve learned in your security awareness training to ensure you make the best choices.

One critical point: The IRS prohibits the use of IRS-branded phishing simulations, so you will NEVER receive a phishing test from us that impersonates the IRS. As such, if you receive ANY suspicious IRS-themed emails, immediately report them using the “Report Phish” button in your email menu bar.

In addition to reporting these messages when received at work, keep these tips in mind when dealing with suspected IRS-themed phishing emails:

  • Do not reply
  • Do not preview, open, or download attachments
  • Do not click on any links

For additional advice on dealing with suspected IRS-themed scams, visit the IRS website here.

IRS-themed phishing email examples:

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