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Sustainability Report Stories: Climate Leadership

Republic Services’ four Elements of Sustainability that anchor our 2030 sustainability goals are Safety, Talent, Climate Leadership and Communities. This month, we’re taking a closer look at each of these four Elements and sharing stories that highlight what we’re doing to reach our 2030 Sustainability Goals.

This week, let’s take a closer look at the third Element of Sustainability: Climate Leadership.

At Republic Services, we are focused on delivering services and solutions for a more sustainable world. Climate leadership requires a commitment to circularity and keeping materials in circulation for the long-term. The recycling and reuse of materials minimizes the use of natural resources, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions and help preserve our ecosystem.

Our recycling facilities, organic operations and landfills all directly support a circular economy.  With key materials like cardboard, metal, organics, paper, and plastics coming into our facilities, we create new products with old ones and move one step closer to hitting our 2030 Climate Leadership goal to increase recovery and circularity of key materials by 40% on a combined basis by 2030. (2017 baseline year.)

To learn more about our approach to sustainability, check out Republic Services’ 2022 Sustainability Report, at