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Sustainability Manager Gretchen C. on CBS Boston News

About one-third of Americans recycle, but despite our best intentions we recycle things that hurt the cause. “We see things like bowling balls and boots. Bowling balls are a common one, I don’t know why. Or barbells. People think because it’s made of metal that we want it. What we really want are cans,” said Sustainability Manager Gretchen C.

What exactly goes into the recycling bin and what doesn’t? Click here to watch the full news segment.

What goes into that recycling bin?

The good stuff:
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum and metal cans
  • Plastic bottles
No, thanks!
  • Bring plastic bags to grocery store
  • Donate toys
  • Reuse wood
  • Bring hangers to dry cleaners

Visit to learn more – and pass on your knowledge to help others become better recyclers!