Sustainability Goals: A Focus on our People

Our newly released 2019 Sustainability Report showcases some of the many great things we are doing to take care of our planet for future generations and help communities thrive. It will take dedication and teamwork to accomplish our ambitious sustainability goals which will carry us through 2030. Thank you for all of your hard work in helping us get there!

To learn more about our 2030 sustainability goals, you’ve come to the right place! Visit Blue Nation Online every week as we take a deep dive into each of our goals and specific initiatives contributing to our success. Over the next several weeks, we’ll take a closer look at the following five areas of our sustainability plan:

Week 2: People are our Most Valuable Asset

Our “people” goal is focused on employee engagement, because we believe an engaged, diverse and inclusive workforce is essential to our success. Our goal is to achieve and maintain employee engagement scores at or above 88 percent by 2030.

We measure employee engagement through our annual Employee Engagement Survey. The survey is an opportunity for all employees to share honest and candid feedback about the work you do, your leadership and how you feel about the Company. Your opinions matter!

Republic has invested in many programs to help solidify Republic as an employer of choice, where the best people want to work and are engaged every day. Here are a few examples of what we are doing to continue to drive engagement.

Responding to COVID-19 Pandemic
To take care of our people, we revised our medical plans to cover copays and medical expenses related to COVID-19 testing and treatment and to provide virtual doctor visits and early prescription refills. We also provided 10 additional paid days off to any employee diagnosed with COVID-19, those with a diagnosed family member, or any employee subject to a medical or government directed quarantine.

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A Leader in Inclusion and Diversity
At Republic, we welcome and value people with diverse backgrounds and are committed to maintaining an environment where everyone can feel safe and valued and do their best work. Our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) unite employees who share commonalities to support business objectives that bring value to our Company. Significant 2019 achievements included the expansion of our Women of Republic BRG to include all interested field employees and the launch of our veterans-focused resource group V.A.L.O.R. Additionally, in early 2020, we launched the Black Employee Network.

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Developing Strong Frontline Leaders
Through our General Manager Acceleration Program (GMAP), we’re creating leaders and differentiating Republic as a Company invested in building executives of the future. We partner with several premiere universities to recruit MBA candidates who have exceptional business acumen. Recruits spend two years working in rotations throughout the Company (sales, finance, operations and hauling) to build their business knowledge and hone their leadership skills.

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