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Strike Gold with These St. Patrick’s Day Recycling Tips


Here are five tips to keep in mind if you want a truly green St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Getting thirsty? Grab a glass, stainless steel, or aluminum reusable bottle and ditch the plastic water bottles for good. When you incorporate a reusable water bottle into your everyday routine, it means that hundreds of plastic water bottles won’t end up in landfills or the oceans.
  • Going shopping? Don’t forget to bring a reusable tote and avoid single-use plastic bags. (Check out Republic’s tote made from recycled plastic here!)
  • Ordering takeout? Make sure you know what to recycle and what to trash. (Tip: Chinese food takeout containers cannot be recycled. The special coating that makes the paper “waterproof” so your orange chicken doesn’t leak renders the paper unrecyclable.)
  • Wearing green? The local thrift store is a great place to stock up on St. Patrick’s Day themed hats, socks and costume jewelry that can be used and reused in years to come.
  • Having a party? If you need party supplies, such as plates and cups, remember to look for recyclable or compostable ones.

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