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San Diego Creates Workplace “Sustainability Squad”

A group of passionate employees at our San Diego BU have started a team that they call the Sustainability Squad with one goal in mind: To make a conscious effort to create a more sustainable and welcoming office environment. “We started the Sustainability Squad because we saw an opportunity to bring the company’s Elements of Sustainability into daily life at our offices in San Diego and Chula Vista by coordinating efforts with a structured team,” said Alyssa E., Account Manager. “It’s been amazing to see staff come together to get involved and enact change for good once given the right platform.” The team meets weekly and anyone in the BU who is interested in driving sustainable workplace practices is welcome to join!

The employee-led team is a grassroots effort that originated out of a shared interest in aligning their local offices with our company promise of Sustainability in Action and the new changes in California state law to recycle food and yard waste at all residential and commercial properties. The team is currently working on equipping offices with a three-stream recycling system; tracking and improving office energy footprint; advocating for diversity and inclusion actions and events; and getting employees involved in the community. The team is also creating a newsletter that includes success stories and opportunities for employees to get involved and make a difference!

This is a great example of employees living our value of Environmentally Responsible!

For more information, feel free to reach out to Alyssa at

p.s. Did you know that November 15 is America Recycles Day! Stay tuned to Blue Nation Online as we continue to share stories to educate and empower each other to recycle right.