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Safety on the Road

In the instant you buckle up when driving or riding in the front seat of a car or truck, you cut your risk of a fatal injury in a crash nearly in half. Yet, millions do not buckle up on every trip. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that more than 27 million Americans aren’t taking the simple, lifesaving step of buckling up.

No matter how short your trip or how confident you are in your driving, there are too many factors outside of your control, from poor drivers to debris on the road to unforeseen weather conditions, to guarantee a safe trip each time you’re on the road. At Republic Services, one of our five values is safe – we protect the livelihoods of our coworkers and communities.  We can all live this value is by wearing a seatbelt every trip, every time.

Before you put your truck or car into drive, stop for just a moment. Is your seat belt – and those of your passengers – secure? It just takes a second to do and it can save a life.

Did you know?

The proof that seat belts save lives is in the numbers.

Buckle up for safety!