Safety Book Written by Jason L. is a Good Read

Jason L. has taken the lessons he’s learned in his career including in his role as Basin Safety Manager in the Energy and Environmental Services Division to write an e-book currently available on Amazon. In the book, Jason outlines eight safety habits, with tips for each habit and personal anecdotes that help bring to life the importance of safety.

Congratulations to Jason on the success of his first book, which has already hit #1 in the New Releases of Safety and First Aid category. To download the e-book, click here.

Here are a few “Get to Know Me” questions for Jason – our Republic Rockstar of the Week!

Q How long have you worked as a Safety Manager at Republic? What has been your career path?
A I've worked with Republic for an amazing 13 months when our company was acquired in July of 2019. I've been a Basin Safety Manager in the Energy and Environmental Services Division since that point.

Q Why were you inspired to write this book?
A There were a number of things that inspired me to write this book. One, Author James Altucher put out a ‘write a book in 30 days challenge’ and I love to be challenged. Two, my wife, Tanya, has always encouraged me to share my knowledge of the past 20 years in safety by writing a book. Finally, I think there is a lot of value in the relationship building aspects of safety and I wanted to share some habits that have helped me in the industry to hopefully encourage others to use them and make real change in safety

Q Are there any specific habits in the book that you think are most compelling to our employees?
A I think the Habit of using Teamwork and Collaboration will be very compelling for Republic Employees. A lot of that is due to the fact that it is done really well already.

Q Can you tell us about your video series?
A #socialmediasafetyminutes are short videos, normally a minute or so, that take a safety concept and simplify the message in bite size pieces to be more understandable. I post this content on social media sites to help workers of all industries and some that have no exposure to safety rules and regulations to help them become safer workers.

Q As the co-founder of the Safety Justice League, can you tell us about this organization and its mission?
A The Safety Justice League is a group of four safety professionals from around the country who use social media, podcasts, and speaking engagements to give a voice to the voiceless. There are a lot of safety professionals that are basically on an island and we want to encourage them and give them a voice to share their concerns and hopefully guide them to being the best they can be in the industry through advice and mentorship. We've been blessed to have some amazing people on the podcast telling their stories with safety in mind.