ROAD-EO Recap: Big Event in Plano, TX

The Plano, TX ROAD-EO was a fun day for employees and family members, and an opportunity for Drivers, Heavy Equipment Operators and Technicians to show off their skills!

For the first time ever, the competition included a safety and skills challenge course for Forklift Operators from the Recycling Center. Skills included maneuvering through the course without tipping or hitting cones, dropping a basketball into a cart and flipping a coin from the ground onto the fork of the forklift. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Recycling Center Forklift Front-Loader Side-Loader
1. Herman S.
2. Maria C.
3. Joe T,
1. Antonio A.
2. Alberto G.
1. Emiliano M.
2. Tomas M.
3. Miguel B.
Helper Roll-Off Technician
1. Ron W.
2. Jake H.
1. Russell P.
2. Chad W.
3. Servando R.
1. Santiago P.
2. Lee M.
3. Stephen L.

The event also featured a ROAD-EO Kids’ Obstacle Course with dozens of competitors vying for the highest score. Congrats to our two young winners (pictured below) who are the coolest kids on the block driving their new Republic Services Power Wheels. “They may be future the Women of Republic!” added General Manager Amy A. Let’s hope so!


Winners will advance to the Area Level, with a chance to compete at the ROAD-EO National Championship in Phoenix, AZ, Dec. 5 – 8, 2021.