Republic Uniforms Recognized for Excellence

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Republic Uniforms Recognized for Excellence

[/av_textblock] [av_textblock size='16' font_color='' color='' av-medium-font-size='' av-small-font-size='' av-mini-font-size='' admin_preview_bg=''] Every year, the North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (NAUMD) announces Image of the Year Award® winners. The award recognizes the best apparel programs across 10 categories.

In the transportation-products category, Cintas was recognized for uniforms it created for our Company’s frontline employees. Cintas designed our head-to-toe apparel collection, which includes high-performance t-shirts, polos, slacks, socks, outerwear and belts. Our uniforms were designed with enhanced visibility to keep employees safe while on the job.

“Safety is the number one priority at Republic Services,” said Jim O., Senior Vice President of Safety. “Our team worked hand-in-hand with Cintas to modernize and unify our apparel program. Not only do our employees love the new look and feel of the apparel, they feel safe in the high-visibility garments.”

We’re committed to keeping our team looking strong and staying safe.
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