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Republic Services and Blue Polymers Break Ground in Indianapolis

On November 9, Republic Services and Blue Polymers broke ground on the nation’s first innovative plastics recycling complex, which will be home to a Republic Services Polymer Center and a Blue Polymers advanced polymer production facility. This exciting project will advance plastics circularity, supplying recycled materials to be used in sustainable packaging for customers.

Both facilities are expected to open for business in late 2024, furthering our vision to partner with customers to create a more sustainable world.

How does it work?

Our Indianapolis Polymer Center will process presorted plastics from recycling centers across the Midwest, creating two different products:

PET, the material used in water or soda bottles, will be shredded and washed to create a product called rPET flakes.
Olefins, the material used in products like milk jugs, detergent containers, or yogurt cups, will be separated by color and type of plastic. Once sorted, these plastics will go to the Blue Polymers facility for purifying and custom blending for our customers to use in sustainable packaging.

By making this investment in sustainability, we demonstrate our commitment to advancing plastics circularity and our commitment to helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals.