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Republic Honored to Join Make-A-Wish Parade & Wish Reveal!

Republic Services partnered with the Southern Nevada Make-A-Wish Foundation to support granting Antjuan’s Wish. A little bit about Antjuan and his wish. Antjuan is a bubbly six-year-old with a great sense of humor. Like most six-year-olds, he enjoys playing outside and being with his brothers, Aaron and Ayden. And, of course, all things cars and trucks! This is why having a Republic truck at his wish reveal was oh-so-amazing!

What makes Antjuan’s sunny disposition so remarkable is the medical journey he has been on. He was born prematurely and spent his first three weeks in the hospital. He then had problems breathing, and doctors discovered a collapsed lung. He was airlifted to a major medical center, where a heart issue was diagnosed, and a heart transplant was performed. He spent the next six months in the hospital with his family. Now that he is doing well with his new heart, Antjuan wishes to go to Disney World!

A big thank you to our Las Vegas Team for being a part of the Make-A-Wish Parade and making Antjuan’s wish reveal the best day ever!