Relentless Driver in Galena, KS


A call came into the CRC from a distraught customer saying she had accidently thrown her wedding ring into the garbage. Driver Jason E. was notified that somewhere inside his compacted eight-ton load was a diamond ring valued at thousands of dollars, and more importantly, held sentimental value.

Jason met the customer at our local transfer station where they both equipped themselves with PPE and secured the area. Jason began to narrow down the search by where in the load he thought that bag ended up. After spending nearly 45 minutes breaking apart bags, Jason found a bag with the ring nestled inside. In speaking with Jason afterward, he said, “I was determined to find that ring for her. I knew how much it meant to her and I didn’t want to let her down.”

Thank you, Jason, for being Relentless in the care of your customers.

̶  Submitted by General Manager David S.