Red-Tailed Hawk Rescued at Countywide Landfill

Earlier this year, Heavy Equipment Operators Scott E. and Gary C. noticed something unusual while inspecting the Countywide Landfill in East Sparta, Ohio. A Red-Tailed Hawk was tangled in the 25-foot high fencing around the facility. After some phone coaching from the local Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Scott, Gary and Heavy Equipment Technician Dominic A. delicately cut the bird from the fence in 7 minutes time and placed the stunned and exhausted hawk into a box. “Hawkeye” was delivered to the Stark Parks Wildlife Conservation Center at SIppo Lake with hopes to release him back at Countywide in the future.

After two months of rehab, Hawkeye was ready to be released. Operations Manager Tim V. and his wife Diane and boys Tyler and Joe picked up Hawkeye and transported him back to the landfill for the big day.

“The box was opened in the beautiful sunlit morning. Hawkeye poked his head out of the box and looked around for about five minutes. He then leaped out of the box and into the air taking flight. Here’s hoping Hawkeye lives a long and tangle-free life.” – Tim V.