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Recycling Innovation! Introducing Our Polymer Center

In an innovative first, we unveiled plans for the Republic Services Polymer Center, the nation’s first integrated plastics recycling facility. The Polymer Center is designed to manage the entire plastic recycling stream – from curbside collection of recycled material to production and delivery of high-quality recycled content for consumer packaging.

“Packaged goods manufacturers have set ambitious targets to use more post-consumer content in their products, but the current supply of recycled plastics falls short,” said Jon Vander Ark, President & CEO. “The Republic Services Polymer Center will help meet the increasing demand for a reliable, high-quality supply of recycled plastics, assisting brands in achieving their sustainability goals,”

Republic Services is a leader in sustainability and the environmental services industry. The Polymer Center directly supports our long-term sustainability goal to increase the recovery and circularity of key materials by 40% by 2030 and will help our customers meet their own sustainability goals.

Our first Polymer Center will open in Las Vegas in 2023, with plans for two to three more to provide nationwide coverage. When open, each facility will produce over 100 million pounds of recycled plastics each year.

Take a moment to watch this short video to learn more about the Polymer Center and how we’re advancing plastics recycling.