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Recycling Coordinator Kate S. Makes Ethan’s Day

Rockstar Recycling Coordinator Kate S. in Anaheim, CA, went above and beyond to give two-year-old Ethan a tour to remember! Ethan’s favorite thing in the world is trash trucks! “He made sure that not one truck went by without waving and celebrating their return to the yard. We talked about safety, recycling and of course trucks! The family was very appreciative of the tour, especially our team allowing Ethan to hop into the driver’s seat of a real trash truck,” said Kate.

In appreciation for this five-star tour, Ethan’s mom sent a glowing thank you to Kate for making Ethan’s day so special. Here’s an excerpt:

“We truly can’t thank you and the staff enough for making this experience such a pleasure for us and especially Ethan.  It took us an additional 5 minutes to leave the lot because he kept waving to all the passing drivers. You have no idea how much it brings a smile to our faces to see such enthusiasm and professionalism from such awesome employees.”

Little things make a big difference! Way to go, team!!!!