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Random Acts of Kindness Day Winners 2023

Random Acts of Kindness Day was celebrated on February 17 and is a day to celebrate and encourage kindness. We asked you to share how you were showing kindness on this special day and, boy, did you deliver!

From taking out a neighbor’s trash to donating gently used clothing to local shelters or thrift stores, picking up trash along a walking trail to helping a neighbor fix a flat tire, you spread kindness like butter!

Thank you to all who submitted their Random Acts of Kindness and keep up the great work!

Random Acts of Kindness Day Winners*

Marcos S.
Scottsdale, AZ
My wife and I enjoy going for walks during this wonderful time of the year. We take our dog out for walks around our neighborhood. Lately, the community has experienced a rise in trash due to the high winds (I hope!).

We decided to go for a walk and pick up trash around our community to celebrate and encourage kindness. We hope this will inspire others to help keep our community clean and beautiful!

Amanda H.
Ft. Worth, TX
I picked up a shift at my Transfer Station. They have been shorthanded lately and I volunteered so my co-worker could have a day off. I also volunteer at my church’s food bank.
Alicia C.
Robstown, TX
In today’s busy world, it’s easy to become singularly focused on our own problems. I teach and remind my children that there is a world outside of themselves with many people who are less fortunate. On Random Acts of Kindness Day, we went through all of our clothing and donated gently used winter apparel and some new coats to our local church, which will then take them to a women’s shelter a few towns over.

I am proud to say that my children felt the joy of doing good work and decided on their own that they would like to gather some toys and other household necessities to donate. We hope to make this a regular occurrence in our house so that we might always remember that kindness and compassion for others cost us nothing and yet the joy we receive from it is truly a gift in itself.

*Winners were selected by a random number generator.