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Rachele K. Instrumental in Boise Electric Vehicle Launch

Customer zeal is all about having an ownership mentality with an infectious enthusiasm for the customer. It’s about putting the customer first and treating customers how we would want to be treated.

Rachele K., Municipal Services Manager, is a great example of driving customer zeal and delivering business results. Rachele was instrumental in launching the first electric recycling vehicle in Boise, Idaho. She worked hard for grant funds through a competitive process. “We doggedly fight for grant funds up here in Idaho, it’s part of our ethos. We secured close to $7M to convert our fleet from diesel to CNG back in 2008. This conversion was the first of its kind in our company and was the example for every other business unit in the company to follow. The environmental outcomes have been significant,” said Rachele.

The integration of electric trucks took almost three years of planning and included technology evaluations, infrastructure upgrades, route analyses, utility estimates, technician and driver training, and intense coordination with our partners at Peterbilt, McNeilus and ChargePoint. It was critical that each electric truck replaced its CNG or diesel counterpart on a 1:1 basis, completing an entire route on a single charge. By methodically placing the right cornerstones for the project, the first electric truck launched on a downtown recycling route in spring 2021. Two more EVs arrived last fall. Our fleet electrification project is now well underway and seven more electric trucks will be arriving in 2022

“By collecting and remitting daily truck, route and charging data to our EV manufacturing partners, we are driving the evolution of class 8 electric sanitation vehicles. We are writing the Electric Truck Integration Playbook for the entire solid waste industry. Advancements like this occur when there is a commitment to excellence and alignment between stakeholders. The entire EV project underscores our dedication to invest in U.S. labor and manufacturers, improve community resiliency, and reduce carbon emissions. Lowering carbon generation aligns with Republic Services’ sustainability goals and supports Boise City’s pledge to be carbon neutral by 2050,” said Rachele.

It’s projects like this that go a long way with our customers.

A Happy Customer

“This is a great example of how innovation and partnerships can help us achieve our broader climate goals. Clean air, less reliance on fossil fuels and a firm commitment to transitioning to clean electricity benefits all residents and businesses in Boise,” said Boise Mayor Lauren McLean.