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Rabbie the Stuffed Bunny Makes it Back Home

A customer in Tualatin, OR, came into our recycling site stating that he had thrown away his toddler son’s favorite stuffed animal, Rabbie, and he can’t sleep without it. While searching for Rabbie would be like finding a needle in a haystack, our team went to work to find Henry’s stuffed rabbit.

“The dad told us that the stuffed rabbit was inside a white box. We knew the truck number and when we were notified that the truck had arrived onsite, we asked the driver to dump his load away from the other material and to spread it out. When the rear door opened, the very first box that came out of the truck was a white box, and when we opened it up, sure enough there was the stuffed rabbit. The father was very appreciative and got on the phone right away to tell his wife that it was found. The customer was very thankful,” said Steven B., Operations Manager.

This story was featured on KPTV Fox 12 (Portland, OR). Watch the reunion between Rabbie and Henry below!