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Putting Sustainability in Action in San Mateo County, CA

The Town of Colma, located on the San Francisco Peninsula, recently held its State of Our City Address presented by City Mayor Joanne F. del Rosario. Part of her presentation focused on the city’s sustainability efforts and the partnership with Republic Services and local cemeteries in meeting the city’s annual compost procurement requirements of Senate Bill 1383.

“As part of our franchise agreement with the Town of Colma, we provided finished compost from our Newby Island Composting Facility, which was delivered to multiple cemeteries for their use on their grounds at no cost to the cemeteries. We provided approximately 200 cubic yards of compost to two cemeteries last year. We also had multiple community compost giveaways for residents,” said Monica D., Municipal Manager, Sales.

This is a great example of putting Sustainability in Action.