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Philadelphia Driver Mike H. Has Heart for the Customer

Customer Zeal is taking ownership to create a great customer experience. Driver Mike H. has been recognized for his Customer Zeal mindset, and this letter from one of his customers demonstrates how he goes the extra mile to provide a great customer experience.

“Driver Mike is amazing. He takes care of PECO Energy as if he owned the business and his direct profits were impacted. The level of care he shows as a driver – with valuable feedback/operation enhancements to make us work better together has been consistent through the years.  He sets a level of service from Republic that is exceptional!” – Linda K., Senior Environmental Program Manager at PECO Energy.

More kudos …

“Mike has been with Republic for 16 years and has always shown pride in Customer Zeal. He is willing to help out with any extenuating circumstances when asked. He has helped with new drivers coming in and showing or helping them get up to speed with difficult stops they may have on their routes. Mike has great ownership of his route and runs it like he owns it. He runs his route efficiently and is very productive. We are happy to have him!” –  Michael D., Division Manager.

A big shout out to Mike for going out of your way to show customers we care in both big and small ways.