Paperless Payslips Help Protect Our Planet

Do you receive a paper copy of your payslip/paystub? As a part of the Company’s commitment to sustainability, we encourage you to update to paperless payslips!

To opt out of the paper payslip, please submit the change through Workday using the instructions on SharePoint or outlined below.

  1. From your Workday homepage, click your Employee Profile Then click View Profile.
  2. Click the Actions In the dropdown menu, click Payroll. Click Change My Payslip Printing Election.
  3. The Company field is pre-populated. Click OK.
  4. Update your preference in New Payslip Printing Election to Receive Electronic Copy of Payslip (Paperless). Click OK to confirm.

If you are enrolled in direct deposit, an electronic version of your payslip can always be found on the ADP website. To sign up for direct deposit, follow these instructions.

Questions? Reach out to or your HR Partner and they can assist you with the next steps.

Thank you for supporting our sustainability efforts to protect our planet!