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Our Values in Action: Environmentally Responsible

At Republic, when we refer to ethics, we mean Republic’s values.  That’s why each day during Ethics Week we’re highlighting one of the Company’s core values. On this third day of Ethics Week, we’re focusing on our value “Environmentally Responsible.”  This value means we take action to improve our environment, and as an environmental services company, we put this value into action every day. We want our employees to be proud of the work we do to create a more sustainable world for each other and our future generations, so let’s take a closer look at one of the many ways we’re living this value.

Today, we want to highlight the work we’re doing around fleet electrification and alternative fuel vehicles. We have one of the largest vocational fleets in the nation, which means we can make a meaningful environmental impact by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from our trucks and equipment.  Because we believe the future of transportation is electric, we are exploring fleet electrification through small pilot programs and strategic partnerships as a way to provide meaningful benefits to our customers, communities, and environment.   Until this technology is ready to be rolled out on a large scale, we are bridging the gap with alternative fuel vehicles, like Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) collection trucks.  CNG collection trucks produce far fewer carbon emissions than diesel trucks.  Almost all of our CNG trucks use Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), which is produced by recovering biogas from organic waste, such as our landfills.

Our transition to CNG collection trucks, and eventually to electric trucks, is exciting for our Company and our employees. Not only is it one of the many ways we can see our “Environmentally Responsible” value in action, but it gives our employees meaningful opportunities to learn new skills and be part of a greener, more sustainable future.  To learn more about our sustainability efforts, and to see our “Environmentally Responsible” value in action, visit our Sustainability page here.