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Otay Compost Facility Named Industry’s Best

The National Waste & Recycling Association recently named the Otay Compost Facility the 2022 Organics Management Facility of the Year, celebrating its innovative approach to organics diversion. The Otay facility is the first fully solar-powered compost facility in the state, recycling food and yard waste from throughout the San Diego region.

“Republic Services has long been a leader in organics recycling in California, and we are proud to be recognized by NWRA for operating the state’s most innovative compost facility,” said Pete Keller, vice president of recycling and sustainability. “The Otay Compost Facility is an example of our continued investments in infrastructure and technology, helping customers reduce their environmental impact and meet their sustainability goals.”

The solar-powered operation utilizes 144 photovoltaic panels and a battery backup system to power everything from blowers and temperature probes used in the composting process to air conditioning in the facility’s office. This advanced technology extends to the control systems, which can be remotely operated from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  Because the facility operates entirely off the grid, municipal customers are able to deliver on their own climate action goals, supporting energy independence and helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Republic operates 12 compost facilities in five states, recycling more than 2 billion pounds of food and yard waste in 2021. Organics recycling directly supports the Company’s sustainability goal of increasing the recovery and circularity of key materials by 40% by 2030.